Visionary Sports Group

Partnerships Built on Integrity and Character

Building Relationships based on integrity and character.

Mission statement

Visionary Sports Group is a sports management group dedicated to organizing, planning, and expanding the brand of its athlete’s as well as building a foundation for a healthy life post career. Through our connected network of contacts and a family oriented drive to get the most out our athletes and their talents; Visionary Sports with our team of professionals is a perfect home for athletes committed to a career in professional mixed martial arts or boxing. Our love for the combat sports and passion to discover new routes for success will undoubtedly leave our athlete’s with the support they need for success.

Financial planning

We are committed to your current career as much as we are committed to planning your life post career. We offer professional assistance in all aspects of your finances including taxes, investments, and estate planning. We will discuss your interests and goals post career and get you on the path towards your business aspirations for the future.

Public relations/media

A positive public image is everything. We will coach you on how to connect with your fans, sponsors, and the media in a respectful, friendly, and confident way. We require our athlete’s to present themselves with Integrity and character. This is the backbone of Visionary Sports Group and why our athletes are held in the highest regard. With our contacts we will push to get you the most media exposure possible to highlight your talents and open the doors to more opportunities.

Social media/Brand creation

Social media is across the board the most powerful tool to expand your branding image. Let us help you define what message you want to send to the public. Through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube we will build a relationship with your fans that can last well past your career.